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August 25 2017

August 24 2017

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Copenhagen nights.

Copenhagen, Denmark.

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Excerpt from Child of Rage, a documentary about Beth Thomas - a child who developed Reactive Attachment Disorder as a result of experiencing horrific abuse during her formative years. Beth displayed disturbing and violent behaviour while in the care of her adoptive family, including killing baby birds, being sexually inappropriate with her grandfather, stabbing the family dog with needles and attacking her baby brother Eric.

Beth received attachment therapy in an attempt to help her recover from the trauma and behavioural consequences of her past. It has been discovered that Beth grew up into a happy and healthy adult, and currently works as an RN in a neonatal unit.

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August 22 2017

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August 21 2017

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Fernand Fonssagrives :: Lisa Fonssagrives wears a gown and wrap by Jacques Fath, standing in a windowsill, Paris, 1949 / via wehadfacesthen

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August 20 2017

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.Sigourney Weaver on the set of “Aliens” written and directed by James Cameron

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 Vo Anh Kiet

August 19 2017

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Marcel Duchamp - Sixteen Miles of String installation in First Papers of Surrealism exhibition, 1942

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Gilda (1946)

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Kim Novak in the Alfred Hitchcock classic Vertigo, 1958.

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Pola Raksa, 1963.

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August 16 2017

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Chronique d'un été (Paris 1960) (1961) aka Chronicle of a Summer

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