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May 23 2017

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“What makes my Thinker think is that he thinks not only with his brain, with his knitted brow, his distended nostrils and compressed lips, but with every muscle of his arms, back and legs, with his clenched fists and gripping toes.”
Auguste Rodin

May 20 2017

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May 14 2017

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The 400 Blows (1959)

May 13 2017

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Photographer Charles Clyde Ebbets, 1930s.

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Bad Girls Don’t Cry (1959)

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The 1972 Black Hills Flood

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Anna Karina and Jean-Luc Godard on the set of Alphaville

May 12 2017

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“L’opéra-mouffe” (1958) - Agnès Varda

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Palace of Culture and Science, Warsaw, Poland in 1955

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May 09 2017

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Erwin Blumenfeld :: Portrait of a Woman, ca. 1933 / original source: Erwin Blumenfeld via fragrantblossoms

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Roberto Rossellini, May 8, 1906 – June 3, 1977.

With Ingrid Bergman and their children.

May 08 2017

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53 MArch 1944: Hundreds of pictures of pin-up girls adorn the entire wall of this bomber crew shack on Adak Island in the Aleutians in Alaska during World War II. (AP Photo)

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May 06 2017

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Glenn Gould during a rehearsal with the Berlin Philarmonic Orchestra, 1957. Photo: Erich Lessing.

April 23 2017

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Antoine and Colette (1962)

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Vive Le Punk: Dominique Fury and Aphrodisia Flamingo of L.U.V., an elusive all-girl phantom punk combo from Paris that existed in the shadows of the obscure late ‘70s french punk scene (photo by Catherine Faux).

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April 17 2017

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April 15 2017

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Ilse Bing
Snapping my reflection in antique shop window, rue de l'Odéon, Paris, 1952
Silver print.

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Stravinsky checking his scores at Columbia Records in NYC, 1957. Photo by Dennis Stock.

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Sovinec, Czech Republic, 1970-80s, Jindrich Streit

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