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July 16 2017

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Robert Doisneau, Diagonal steps, Paris, 1953 © Atelier Robert Doisneau

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July 15 2017

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It was an experiment with seaweed.

Bride of Frankenstein, 1935

I’ve been itching to do an SFX breakdown for this, but I still can’t find the specific details for it.

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July 13 2017

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Old women in Rome

Ruth Orkin, 1951

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Legendary LIFE photographer Margaret Bourke-White was born 113 years ago today, June 14, 1904 in the Bronx, New York. She is pictured here perching on an eagle head gargoyle at the top of the Chrysler Building in 1935. Check out our Instagram story with some of her exquisite portraits. (Oscar Graubner—The LIFE Images Collection/Getty Images) #LIFElegends #MargaretBourkeWhite

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July 12 2017

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Grace Jones by Jean-Paul Goude (1981)

July 11 2017

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are you sure this is what you wanna do?

July 09 2017

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The actor bela lugosi who famously played Dracula asked to be dressed in his vampire attire for his open casket funeral.

According to Vincent Price, when he and Peter Lorre went to view Bela Lugosi’s body during Bela’s funeral, Lorre, upon seeing Lugosi dressed in his famous Dracula cape, quipped, “Do you think we should drive a stake through his heart just in case?”.

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July 08 2017

July 04 2017

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william morgan architects - pyramid condominium apartments, ocean city, maryland, 1971

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July 03 2017

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‪Kurt Markus‬

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July 02 2017

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June 25 2017

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Jane Fonda shopping in the ‘60s.

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Carrie Fisher at a Star Wars promotion party in 1977. 

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“And you know, the fact is, nobody knew that they were prosthetic legs. They were the star of the show - these wooden boots peeking out from under this raffia dress - but in fact, they were actually legs made for me.”

Aimee Mullins, on her look in the Alexander McQueen S/S 1999 show.

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June 24 2017

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L’avventura (1960) dir. Michelangelo Antonioni

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